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 John D. Richmond is a proud husband and father of three kids, a boy and two girls. His son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum just after his fifth birthday and John began writing as a coping mechanism to deal with the grief he and his family were experiencing. John realized he had been given a new mission in life and soon published his first book, a memoir of their autism experiences titled Totally Lost: A Brutally Honest Assessment of Raising a Child on the Autism Spectrum. John then made the transition to fiction writing as another avenue to bring awareness to autism by publishing Savant, a mystery thriller about an autistic law enforcement officer trying to solve the cold case of his father's murder. 

John holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and is currently a PhD candidate. In addition to his books, John has also published several academic research articles and has a deep passion for his career in higher education. He and his family reside in North Texas on a ten-acre farm and enjoy spending time with their children and pets (two dogs and two cats). 

Published Release


Totally Lost: A Brutally Honest Assessment of Raising a Child on the Autism Spectrum

This is a book written as it was being lived. This is not a medical journal written as a result of research nor is it a memoir written years or decades in retrospect. These are our experiences with autism spectrum disorder and the trials and tribulations our family has been through, almost in real time. The reader is taken into our emotions: the happiness, sadness, terror, and endless love that our family has experienced since diagnosis. 

You will meet our son, diagnosed just after his fifth birthday, and the many others that have helped us along this journey, including, a very special friend that has become a member of our family and completely irreplaceable. The reader is taken into our home and experiences some of the same coping mechanisms and techniques that we have utilized to make this condition livable and life a little easier. 

I give my unsolicited advice as to how to make it through some of the most challenging times of this condition. This book is a reference for families living with autism so that they know they are not alone in this struggle, there are ways to learn and cope with this condition, and there are many resource available to help them. Make no mistake, if someone you know is diagnosed with autism, the whole family lives it.

Published Release



His condition is his greatest weapon

Everything about the Avery family was absolutely perfect. Steven and Diane Avery, with their son, Michael, lived a charmed life of wealth, success, and happiness. Until one day, when the world stopped turning and their lives were shattered in an instant and changed forever. Steven Avery was murdered in what appeared to be a random act of violence. After his father’s case went cold, Michael vowed to take matters into his own hands. Utilizing his eidetic memory and once-in-a-generation intellect, Michael reopened his father’s case and took on his own investigation to bring the killer to justice.


"...Wonderful story with a special kind of hero!" 

                                                - Maria Gagliano of Maria's Space (read the full review here)

"...the mystery is intriguing and surprising."

                                                - Katherine Kleffner of Kleff Notes (read the full review here)

Future Publications



Moving on is never easy

Second installment of the Michael Avery series. Haunted by the death and memory of his good friend, mentor, and father figure Robbie Amaro, Michael Avery is forced, by his own torment, to re-open the only other case Amaro never solved besides Michael’s father’s murder. He will face his own demons, be forced to relive his dark history while trying to bring a madman to justice.



Against the will of the people, they underestimated the conviction of one

Third installment of the Michael Avery series. Government officials are being eliminated by an unorthodox, professional assassin. Michael is contacted by an unexpected source to use his special skills to track down the hit man, find the ones behind the scheme, and save the country from anarchy.



Those that leave us… may one day save us

Mack has tragically lost her father and mother and is left with the care of her older autistic brother. Just as she starts to piece her life back together, she begins to receive letters with information only her parents have ever known. Soon, the letters being to reveal dark occurrences. Mack must move quickly to convince people that she is not crazy and that the messages are true.


My Friend Rudy

Targeted at for ages 7-12 and narrated by my son’s best friend, this book highlights the struggles my son endures on a daily basis and how his friends and peers can help him.



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